Reliability is one of EFM's strong points.
Peter - Client
Are you worried about your parent's well-being?
Are you looking for the best care for your parents?
Or perhaps you are looking for care for yourself?

Carer laughing at Client reading webIt's our business to provide peace of mind for concerned sons and daughters.

Elder Family Matters (EFM) has been enhancing the quality of life for older people in the wider Wellington Region (including Hutt Valley, Porirua basin, and Kapiti Coast) for 12 years through a comprehensive range of services.

EFM believes that older people are the same on the inside that they have always been. As such older people have the right, as empowered citizens, to retain control of important personal decisions like the care they receive, where they live, and where they die. 

For EFM we are less focused on "what is the matter with our clients" and more focused on "what matters for our clients".

A Full Range of Care is Available Now

Every older person and their circumstance is unique. So Elder Family Matters has a range of services that enables
older people to live comfortably and safely in the place they call home. Our services include: comprehensive home care and support, dementia care, hospital discharge, palliative care, live in care, 24/7 care, and companionship for people in aged care facilities. 

Families have peace of mind, knowing EFM has the experience to provide support for their loved one from companionship to complex high-needs care.

Because our Carers are selected for their wise hands and good hearts, our Clients tell us we're the next best thing to family. We are known for providing superior service, going the extra mile, and taking care of care!

If you are looking for the best care service contact us now.

Hear our range of radio programs on Coast Access Radio.  Insights into issues concerning the Elderly.

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